BGP communities

Following BGP communities are currently supported on Viatel's network:

 * route preference customization:
  31122:50 - lower local-pref below everything, least preferred
  31122:97 - don't advertise to upstream networks
  31122:98 - don't advertise to peering partners
  31122:99 - don't advertise to any outside AS

 * transit providers:
  31122:200	Don't advertise to Cogent (AS174)
  31122:20x	Prepend x times with AS31122 to Cogent (AS174)
  31122:300	Don't advertise to GTT/Tinet (AS3257)
  31122:30x	Prepend x times with AS31122 to GTT/Tinet (AS3257)
  31122:500	Don't advertise to TeliaSonera (AS1299)
  31122:50x	Prepend x times with AS31122 to TeliaSonera (AS1299)

 * public peerings:
  31122:800	Don't advertise to INEX members
  31122:810	Don't advertise to LINX members
  31122:860	Don't advertise to France-IX members
  31122:870	Don't advertise to LONAP members
  31122:880	Don't advertise to DE-CIX members
  31122:890	Don't advertise to AMS-IX members

 * private peerings:
  31122:820	Don't advertise to Netflix
  31122:82x	Prepend 1-x times to Netflix
  31122:830	Don't advertise to Google
  31122:83x	Prepend 1-x times to Google

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ASN: 14618
Registry: arin